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This is a page where I can share with you about my family and friends!!

This is my wonderful husband, Jim.

This is what he did for fun


Find out more about Jim and his racing.

I have 11 fabulous grandchildren and 1 great grandson. If I would have known how much fun they could be I would have had them first!!!!!
I do not have current pictures of Halle and Braylon

Bella, Mia, Taylor, Eric


3 Grandkids with my son, Mike
Eric, Taylor, Mike, Chris

Bella, Mia with my son, Nick holding Charlotte


4 grand daughters
Bella holding Charlotte, Taylor, and Mia

Charlotte Sa'Jasia Great Grandson Adam




Alex, Joshua, Jordan

Chris with me

I love my grandchildren dearly,

And adore their visits so.

They always make me happy twice,

When they come and when they go.


I have two children. As you can see they are no longer children, they are grown men, but they will always be my little boys.




God created cats so that man might enjoy the pleasure of caressing the tiger.
cateyes I love Cats

All intelligent species in the universe are owned by cats.

My Cats

Gizmo 2.0 Lucky




Please take a look at the page that is in memory of all the cats who have owned my heart. 

Have you ever wondered how old your cat is in cat years, now you can find out: Cat Age Calculator


Over the years I have made many online friends. I now have friends all over the world. Some of them I have had the opportunity to meet in person. Every one of them is special to me

Here are 3 of my very special friends..  We met on the internet and have stayed friends for over 20 years.


UK Flag
Keith is from England
      Keith and Betty

Germany Flag

Michael is from Germany

Michael   Michael and Family
Michael has a very interesting home page

Roger is from New York

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