Material and Spritual work hand in hand. In order to finish Material you have almost finish Spritual.  In order to finish Spritual you have to finish Material.


These are the symbols you need to look for to enter different locations


Churches Bruce
Egypt Stone
Hell Churches Bruce Egypt Gumby Palace

Map of Spritual World

Get the Buddha Head which is next to Archway to Hell

Go to Hell

Click on the World Class Topless Fortunes

Click on Mona Lisa 3 times

Get the Book of Horoscopes

Give the book of Horoscopes to the Woman who is outside

Get a Giant Frog which the women turns into

Go to Eat, Eat, Eat

Click the on EAT to get to the Almighty Big Burger

Click "Hopi Meal", Get Lunch

Click "Ma'Hot'ma Coffee", Get Coffee

Leave Hell

Click on Cross, go to the Churches of the World

Click on each native hut to replace it with a church

Go to into the Mosque

Get a Buddha Head

Go inside the Protestant Church (Happy Church)

Click the Pedestal

Click the Bible to open it

Click the Pages 12 times

Write down the Paul's Party Punch

Leave the Happy Church

Go into the Catholic Church

Click on the left pillars to get the Spanish Inquisition

Click on the Spanish Inquisition

Give the lunch to the woman on the Comfy Chair

Get the Comfy Chair

Go to Egypt

Click on "Renew Membership"

Go into the Building, which is right of the building with the four pillars

Get Buddha head

Click on the refrigerator

Click the Panel

Click Triangle to open secret door to the Tomb

Go into the Tomb, it is the new entrance to the building , two doorways to your right

Click on head over doorway

Get a handkerchief

Go to Stone Gumby land

Click on various drawings, until the historian goes away

Do the Rotating Puzzle

Click once on each section in this order: 1,3,1,1,1,3,3,2,2,2

Get the Cattle Prod of Courage

Put the handkerchief on uncovered Gumby head

Click the statues for clues about combination to unlock the curse on the tomb

Put the Giant Frog on Lily Pad, to drain the water and uncover the Cathedral

Go to the Cathedral

Get a Buddha Head

Click on yellow doorway 2 times to exit

Go to Egypt

Click on Tomb Entrance

Click on Doorway

Click on the Mummy case

Do the Tomb Puzzle

The combination is:Hedgehog, Larch, Mrs. Trepidatious, Spam, Ocarina

Give the Comfy Chair to Mummy

Click on the Steak Dinner, get Steak Dinner

Go to Tavern

Get a Buddha Head

Give "Paul's Party Punch" to Marx (Tequila, Gin, Vodka, Sherry, Fermented Milk)

Lenin will appear and then you will get the Sledgehammer of Humility

Give the Steak Dinner on Ghandi

Get the Kevlar Vest of Faith

Go to Bruce Buddha World

Do the Buddha puzzle:

Put all five Buddha heads on the headless statues, a button will appear

Press the button to hear the limerick, it will probably be out of order

Arrange the heads until the limerick is correct, press the button to check

When it is correct all the heads will say:

"There once was a Sheila from Sydney,

Who was missing ten teeth and a kidney,

But her Bruce found her dear,

`Cause she brewed her own beer,

He made out fair dinkem now didn't he?"

Get the Helping Hands of Self-denial

Go up the Pathway to the Zen Garden

You will see a Statue with just his head and butt sticking out of the sand

Just sit there and do nothing, do not move the mouse for about a minute or two

Get a Moist Towelette

Wait again.

Do not take the Towelette this time, don't move, keep waiting.

Get the Rubber Hose of Purity

Leave the Bruce Buddha Gardens

Go to Stone Gumby Land

Go to the Cathedral

Click on the floor below the green archway

Click on the desk see, "The Bishop" clip

Click on the yellow doorway 2 times

Go to Hell

Click the window of Wedding Chapel, see the wedding

Click the window again see, "The Bishop" clip

Go to Churches of the World

Go in the Catholic Church

Click on the organ, which is in front of you

Click on the Vicar, see "The Bishop"clip

Go to Bruce Buddha World

Click water near where the waiter's feet are sticking out

Click on the Vicar, see "The Bishop" clip

Get the Bishop’s Mitre (hat)

Put the Mitre on hatless Buddha

Get Moses

Go to Churches of the World

Go in the Jewish Temple

Put Moses on the pedestal

Click the Star of David

Click right edge of scroll 14 times

Click on the Sword

Get the Sword of Righteousness

Go to the Cathedral

Look up above the yellow doorway

Go into the mouth

Use the sword to shoot the attackers in doorways, it takes 1 to 5 shots

Keep shooting until you kill them all

The doorway to the Path of Enlightenment will open

Go through the door

Click the rocks so a little man comes out

Use the Cattle Prod of Courage to get the man to walk on Hot Coals

Use the Helping Hands of Self-denial, so he doesn’t lust at the naked women

Use the Sledgehammer of Humility to make him bow to the Goddess Kali

Use the Rubber Hose of Purity to make him pure

Go up the Mountain of Enlightenment

Click on the church

Get the Angel of Love

Click on the church

Go up the mountain

Click the Guru 3 times

Give the Ultimate Wealth to the Guru (which you will get when you finish Material)

Get Enlightenment

You will see the film clip  "Christmas in Heaven"

You are now finished with Spritual!!!!!!!!!

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copyright 1998-2008 Betty A. Pietro, Mentor, Ohio