Mr. & Mrs. Hendy have a Conversation  

Topic: Our Endangered Ocean Ecosystem

Otters are nice and I think they are cute.
This conversation is great.
We went to the circus once.
I like peanut butter.
Oh, there must be plenty of them

At this point in the conversation you will get a bale of Hay
Give the Hay to the cow and in return get a pot of Manure!

Meow O' Meows
Thighs, hey thighs
Poodles and poodles!
Mmm, mmm, mmm
Ooh farty-farty

Now a Rat, click on the rat and a pipe will drop down. The rat will run up the pipe. Click on the pipe, you will get a drop of water in the pot of manure.

Sure, super surprises sometimes are swell.
Some seem small on my super stretchy stomach.
Gosh, goiters are gooshy and gross.
Hoo-hoo, ha-ha, hilarious, hilarious, humor.
Can't completely conclude this conversation.

You will now get a Dam, click on it 2 times to get the light to make the Dill grow, take the Dill..


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copyright 1998-2008 Betty A. Pietro, Mentor, Ohio