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   Since the dawn of time, when mankind's earliest ancestors crawled forth from the primordial ooze, towelled off, ate lunch, then set about evolving in earnest, one question has transfixed us more than any other: What is the Meaning of Life?

Walk Thrus

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

The Miracle of Birth    

Growth and Learning

Fighting Each Other 

Middle Age 

Live Organ Transplants

Autumn Years





The Cottage




The Puzzles The Maps

Mr.& Mrs. Hendy's Conversation

Live Organ Transplant

Mr.Creosote's Dinner

Spritual -Bruce Buddhas

Spritual- The Pharaoh's Curse 

Spritual- The Rotating Tomb 

Spritual- Doom (Shooting Gallery) 

Material- The Mine Maze

Cottage-Playing the Organ

Cottage-Sliding Breast Puzzle

Cottage-The Cheese Ladder

Map of Chapter One

Map of Spritual World

Map of Material World

Mine Map

The Cottage Maps Index

Frequently Asked Questions

Eggs and Cheats

A little about the game


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I want to thank the following people:

Keith for drawing the maps, the Attic work about and proof reading

Robert von Tiehl for finding some mistakes in the walk thru in Spritual and Material. 

Zach for helping me find the Bishop

CJayC for the Attic work about



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