Material and Spritual work hand in hand. In order to finish Material you have almost finish Spritual.   In order to finish Spritual you have to finish Material.


These are the symbols you need to look for to enter different locations

Paradise Churches Trophy Farm Preserve
Paradise Churches Trophy Farm Nature

Map of Material World

When you enter Material you will see headphones hanging up, take the headphones

Go up the ladder to Level 3

Click on the Algon Probe

Get the Algon Probe

Go down the ladder to level 1

Click on the picture of the sea

Go right

Use the Algon Probe on the rocks

Click the probe

Get a bra

Click on the Windjammit ship to sink it

Click down and go under the sea

Click on the first chest on the right

Get 1% of shares of VBCOA

Click on the next chest on the right

Click on the guys

Watch the film clip

Click on the fourth chest on the right, get 10% of shares of the VBCOA

Click on Victrola, get the victrola

Go up

Click on the sea

Go to Paradise

Use the bra on the Lumberjack, he is standing in front of Sissy Sally’s

Get his chainsaw

Go to Eat Eat Eat and click on it

Get a Raspberry

Click on Books Books Books

Get an Encyclopedia Salesman

Exit Paradise

Click on the cross and go to the Churches of the World

Click on each native hut and they will change into churches

Click on the Friar to get him

Click on each church one by one and drag it to the machine, when you are done you will
            have 20 insurance buildings

Go to nature Preserve

Click on the foliage until you see the Pantomime horse

Use the chainsaw on the foliage until the chainsaw breaks

Click on the phone

Click on the #1 on the phone

You will now have ruins

Place the Victrola on the ruins

Try to grab the horse, a Seal will appear

Use the Friar on the Seal 3 times

Give the Raspberry to the Greenpeace guy

Get the Pantomime Horse

Go to the Trophy Room

Go to Level 1

Put the Pantomime Horse on the empty wall plaque

Click on the horse

Use the Encyclopedia Salesman to open the safe

Get 40 % shares of the VBCOA

Go to the Nature Preserve

Place the 20 Insurance buildings around the island

When all 20 are placed the VBCOA will appear

Click on the VBCOA

Get Corporate Hatchet Man

Click on the Sea

Click on the Crimson Permanent (which is on top of the mountain in the sea)

Use the Hatchet man on the Crimson Permanent

Go to the Nature Preserve

Use the shares (51%) on the Crimson Permanent

Get the VBCOA

Click on the sea

Click on the barn to go to the farm

Click on the barn

Click on dog then the haystack

Click on the ground below where the cow is by the fence, a farm women will appear

Click on the  cow, sheep, cat, squirrel, and  the tractor.

You will hear a boom after you click on the tractor (the enemy is coming!)

Make the animals talk:

Click on the barn, dog, haystack,  cow, sheep, cat, and squirrel.

Click on the tractor, which will go under ground and leave some missiles. 

Click on the animals, they will turn into weapons.

Click on the pumpkin and the cabbage, they will turn into weapons

Click on the women she will becomes a weapon

Place the VBCOA behind the barn

Click on the missiles, a mine will open up

Go in the mine and get a bottle of Scotch Whiskey

Go in the barn, click on the table were the map is

Get an unexploded Scotsman

Give the whiskey to the Scotsman

Take the Scotsman

Leave the barn

Go into the mine

Get a mine cart

Use the Scotsman on the wall to make a hole

There are treasures spread out throughout the mine, but they are not important, Denis Moore will take them when you leave anyway. What you are looking for are 4 translations to the World’s Funniest Joke (French, German, Chinese, and Arabic). There are 4 monsters in the mine (French, German, Chinese, and Arabic), each one gets a corresponding joke.

When you have killed all the monsters you can go through a hole in the wall to the Palace. (This hole will be in the same room as the Arabic Monster.)

Mine Maze Walk Thru

Map of the Mine

If you haven’t finished Spritual this is as far as you can go right now.

Click on the Bed

Use the Angel of Love (which you obtained in Spirtual) to make the guard like you

Click on the safe.

Get Ultimate Wealth.

You are finished with Material!!!!!!!!

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copyright 1998-2008 Betty A. Pietro, Mentor, Ohio