Chaplain---Michael Palin

Headmaster---John Cleese

Wymer---Graham Chapmen

The Walk Thru  


  • You are in the Chapel go left and click on the Chaplain

  • Click on Chaplain and listen to the prayer

  • Click on Chaplain two more times to place him back in the pew

  • Click on Headmaster

  • Click on the boys whose Mum died, click on the other boys

  • Click on the door to the left and enter the classroom after you answer the question

  • Click on door to let headmaster in

  • Click on Headmaster

  • Click on Wymer (student)

  • Click on Headmaster

  • Click on Students

  • Click on Headmaster

  • Click on Window

  • Click on Headmaster

  • Click on "You Don't Know" on the blackboard

  • Answer Question

  • Hit Spacebar

  • Play "You Don't Know John"

  • Answer 7 questions, the category doesn't matter, but do try to get the correct answers

  • Answer the Final John Questions.  Wait until there is only one answer to choose from

  • You must get your name into the list of "Pantheon of Terribly Smart People" which is a score greater than 400

  • If you don't make the list play again

  • After you make the list you will be given a bottle of Linseed Oil

  • Answer the question

  • Give the bottle of Linseed oil to the student in the 3rd row, second seat

  • He will give you an Empty Bottle

  • Go out the door and into the chapel after you answer the question

  • Go to the Baptismal Fountain

  • Fill the bottle with water.


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copyright 1998-2008 Betty A. Pietro, Mentor, Ohio