Fiona---Terry Jones

Grim Reaper---John Cleese

Geoffrey---Graham Chapman

Angela---Eric Idle

Katzenburg---Terry Gilliam

Debbie---Michael Palin

The Walk Thru  

  • Click on the Clouds to the left of the house 2 times

  • See God

  • Click on theTree so the family of leaves kill themselves

  • Click on theTree so the rest of the leaves fall

  • Click on the Tree and hear the story of the naked tree

  • Click on the leaves

  • Click on the Mausoleum

  • Click on the 5 statues

  • Go left and click on the Grim Reaper 3 times

  • The Grim Reaper will now walk to the house destroying everything in his path

  • Click on the door

  • Answer the Question

  • Go in the house

  • Click on the guests to hear conversation

  • Go left to the cabinet

  • Put all ingredients ( onion, water, dill, cream, salmon, and gelatine) in the bowl, do not use the blenders

  • Get the red herring

  • Leave the cabinet

  • Shoot the Salmon Moose Fish

  • Watch the Scene

  • All are now Dead!

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Map of Chapter One


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