Method One

Author: Keith Plunkett

There is a bug in MOL in that the game appears to hang when you attempt to enter the attic. At the time I reached this point, it had been revealed from other sources that this is because you are currently playing on disk 2, but the attic sequence requires disk 1, and that the bug may have been that the game does not know to switch disks at this point. I discovered, however, that the game does know to switch disks at this point - the bug is that you cannot see the dialog box asking for disk 1 (and have no mouse cursor to click the "OK" anyway). But the dialog box is there, invisible but expecting input, and the "hanging" is just the game waiting for you to click the "OK".


So how do you click OK?

  • Once you get to the attic, but before you go into the attic, save the game.

  • Exit the game

  • Start the game again with disk 1 in the drive.

  • Choose your saved game (the one that leads to the attic)

  • The game will ask for disk 2 .

  • Mark the screen where the "OK" was on the dialog box. I used a little piece of a sticky note and stuck it on the screen.

  • Switch to disk 2 and click OK

  • Attempt to enter the attic, the screen will go black.

  • Bring up your start menu for Windows. This can be done by either pressing <CTRL><ESC> or by using the Windows Logo on a Windows 95 Keyboard.

  • You will now get a mouse cursor.

  • Insert disk 1. Click on the screen where your mark is(you can still see the mouse cursor as a result of bringing up the Start menu).

  • Because the (black) "window" where you click is part of MOL, the click also switches you back to MOL, but also effectively clicks the OK on the invisible dialog box.

And thus the attic appears..........

Method Two


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I. Introduction
The version of Monty Python's The Meaning of Life that currently being sold in stores cannot be completed. There is a fatal bug in the game that apparently prevents users from getting to the last scene in the game and completing it.

II. Getting into the Attic
So, you want to see the endgame? Here's what you do:

  • Before clicking on the door, switch to Disc 1.
  • Once you have switched discs and given the system enough time to recognise the new disc
  • Click on the door.
  • You should then receive a "blue-screen"error message asking you to re-insert Disc 2.
  • Press ESC, and you will be returned to the door, and your cursor will have disappeared.
  • Press the Space Bar to continue to the next scene, the attic.

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