A Little About the Game--The Meaning of Life


This is an Excerpt From 7th Level's Press Release

Here's how it works: If, once you've finished your life, you find that it still has no meaning, simply lodge a complaint, and we shall happily refund your money.

Perhaps you aren't interested in self-improvement. Fine. Keep reading anyway because you never know when the urge will strike. Consider these vital facts: in this new comedy-strategy adventure game, players will enter the world of Python in a way not seen in the first two games that is, through the Python-patented Surround-o-VisionPM. Players will navigate in complete, 360-degree environments, featuring the greatest scenes from the film as well as lots and lots of newly-created artwork.

And for your listening pleasure, we've included a bounty of brand-new dialogue recorded by actual Monty Python members John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin. That's all of the Pythons! Well, all except for Graham Chapman who is, unfortunately, not talking.

"We will bake this game to a perfect golden brown," said Terry Gilliam, Monty Python troupe member and the game's executive producer. "It will taste like no other Python CD-ROM."

Bob Ezrin, 7th Level's CEO and its highest-ranking Bob, agreed. He said this game will appeal to Python fans and strategy gamers alike. "This game will appeal to Python fans and strategy gamers alike."

From Birth to Death, players will navigate through scenes from the original film, interacting with the original characters, solving puzzles, watching clips, and playing such thoroughly important games as You Don't Know John, Live Organ Transplants, Mealtime With Mr. Creosote and the Hendys Conversation Game.

And that's not all. You see, the Python members did not simply supply film, voices, artwork and executive producing efforts for this game. They actually went out and personally researched Life itself. And what they discovered the Spritual, Material and, yes, Dental components of life will take players on a fascinating, highly challenging, and always hilarious quest through the theoretical and practical foundations of existence itself!

Unbelievable, you're thinking? Amazing? Irresponsible? You are right. But there's still more! The Meaning of Life is, after all, enormous, and so is this game (so, for that matter, is this press release). For the third and final part of our game, we get personal. While the player is searching wildly for clues and signs, he or she is being confronted with moral dilemmas which require Solomonic wisdom to solve and the answers to which have a profound effect on the outcome of the game. Crafty, no? Yes! And players are advised to keep hankies handy for the grand climax — that poignant moment where their innermost secrets are revealed and explained to them! What other game can offer fun, challenge and revelation in the same package?


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