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This is a detailed list of the items in inventory and how they are obtained. However some items have to be obtained before other items.

From the twig of the tree outside of Castle Anthrax

From the same twig as the blossoms

Wooden Rabbit
The last thing to get from the Cave of Caerbannog, this is obtained by double clicking on

Hugh Tracts of Land
The mountains behind the Bridge of Death

By clicking on Camelot. You will get 8 bricks your first visit to Camelot and get the last brick when you return.

After you obtain the last brick, click on the tower

Samurai Helmet
Thrown from the right French Taunter at Castle Loimbard after you obtain the gold coins and Vous.

Sheepís Bladder
Click on Arthur at Castle Loimbard until he talks about the sheepís bladder

At the Castle Loimbard click on the top brick on the left side of the castle wall, after you find the gold.

Bodice of a Virgin
Obtain inside the Castle Anthrax after obtaining the gold and coconuts. Then after playing Spank Me. You will then need to click on the Virgins.

Joseph of Aramathea
Obtained in Witch Village after obtaining gold coins and coconut. After playing Burn the Witch the second time.

Black Knightís Sword
From inside the Black Knightís tent after obtaining from inside the tent his tights, the Holy Prosthesis, and the gold. You must read the Black Knightís diary first.

Black Knightís Tights
In the wardrobe inside the Black Knightís tent

Outside of the Black Knightís tent after you have obtained the gold, coconut, holy prosthesis, Black Knightís tights and sword. You must also read the Black Knightís diary and find PlaySquire in it. After playing one more game of Knights in Kombat then click on the leaf to make it fall, now look under the leaf.

Holy Prosthesis
Inside the chest in the Black Knightís tent

Certain Death Sign
In The Book of the Game. The second time you go there it will be by Sir Robinís name.

Zootís Medallion
Obtained by clicking on Godís beard the second time you visit the sign from God. You must open and close the clouds to get God to appear. Also you must collect the gold and the Holly Grail first.

By the Sign from God, clicking on the hole on the left a few times

By the sign from God, clicking on the right middle hole a few times after you clicked on the upper right hole.

Dead Body
In Plague Village. After playing Drop Dead click on the not so dead body. The dead body will rise to the occasion.

Obtained in Plague Village after you get the gold under it, you have to click on it many times.

You can obtain up to 7 Knights by clicking on the not so dead body in Plague Village. You have to click on them as they jump off the body.


At least one coconut is obtained at every location. A every location except the Castle Anthrax the coconut is carried by an the African Swallow. You have to shoot the bird to get it. The following will tell you how to get the bird to appear in each location.

A Sign from God: Click anywhere in the scene after hearing God speak.

Plague Village: Click on the not dead guy after playing Drop Dead.

Witch Village: After playing Burn the Witch, click on the witch

Knight: After playing Knights in Kombat click in where in the scene

The book of the Game: After the page with the drawing of the page.

Camelot: By clicking on the castle after shooting the blue cloud thingy with legs

Castle Loimbard: Click on Arthur after playing Catch the Cow

Castle Anthrax: There are 2 coconuts that are delivered by a cupid. Click on Zoot outside the castle after Playing Spank Me

Caves of Caerbannog: Click on Arthur after you have obtained the Goldy Hail

Bridge of Death: Click on the old man after you have obtained everything in your inventory

Gold Coins

There are gold coins at every location. Sometimes they are in two different places at a location.

Sign from God: After obtaining the Helmet, click on the lower right hole many times until this fairy comes out and blows the coins out his arse. (8 coins)

Plague Village: Two locations. Click on the dung and quickly grab it. (8 coins). Click on the upper door and have the women come out and beat her cat against the wall 4 times, this will make a hole where the gold is hidden (64 coins)

Witch Village: Move the crowd and it is sitting on the right window sill. (8coins)

Black Knight: Two locations. Click on ground on the right side, the click on the old womenís nose. (16 coins) In the tent, top drawer of the wardrobe. (256 coins)

The Book of the Game: Clicking on the page after the picture of the page. You can take all the gold you want.(1,16,256 coins depending on the pile you pick)

Camelot: Click on the cloud with the sun and cloud are together (256 coins)

Castle Loimbard: Click on the brick in the center of the wall, second row, second brick over.(64 coins)

Castle Anthrax: The monk will leave you some gold after doing some carving on the tree. You must get the Moldy Tail first.(128 coins)

Caves of Caerbannog: Shoot the bird (Dennis) after being in the cave (1 coin)


Hilly Holly: Given to you after you listen to God

Holly Grail: Billboard from the Sign from God, after you get the gold

Rolly Polly: At the Castle Loimbard, by clicking on Sir Bedevereís robe. After obtaining everything else

Moldy Tail: Castle Anthrax, after entering the code on the address plate, click on the Grail beacon

Goldy Hail: Inside the Caves of Caerbannog.

Holy Grail: Thatís your quest.

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