Where do The 10 Items Go?

Huge Tracts of Land

Go to the Sign from God. Click on the corner of the sign until you have the sign that reads “Huge Tracts O’ Land?” Put it on the sign.


Go to Plague Village. Click on the wheel of the cart so it falls off. Click where the wheel once was, there will be an explosion and a cooking grill will appear, place Camelot on the grill.

Black Knight’s Sword

Go to The Book of the Game. Proceed to Sir Lancelot, by his name you will see an outline of a sword, place the sword there.

The Wooden Rabbit

Go to the Castle Loimbard. On the left wall of the castle you will see an outline of a rabbit, place the wooden rabbit there.

Dead Body

Go to Camelot, if you don’t already have the coffin then click on what is left of the tower. Place the body to rest in the coffin.

Zoot’s Medallion

Go to the Castle Anthrax. With your mouse scan the lower left of the screen. Click on Zoot. Place the medallion on her hat.

Samurai Helmet

Go to the Tent of the Black Knight. Open the closet, you will see a head, place the helmet on the head. (If for some reason you pick up more Samurai Helmets, they must also be placed here).

Bodice of a Virgin

Go to Witch Village. Keep clicking on the witch until she opens her gown. Dress her.

Joseph of Arametheia

Go to the Cave of Caerbannog. If you didn’t blow it up with the Holy Hand Grenade there is a pedestal with the words JOSEPH. Place Joseph there.

Certain Death Sign

Go to the Bridge of Death. Click on the old man and answer his questions. Oh what a bloody shame, you died!! Come back to life and answer the questions again. Place the sign on the hole on the left side of the screen.


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