You made it to the Bridge of Death but there are planks missing. What are you to do??

Each plank has a number on it, the number corresponds to an item you should have returned. When you place an item where it goes you also get another segment of the movie in The Book of the Game. This should give you a clue as to where the item goes. 


# 1 Huge Tracts of Land “Huge Tracts of Land”
# 2 Camelot “No Shit”
# 3 Bodice of a Virgin “Knighting of Bedevere”
# 4 Samurai Helmet “Kuroi Kishi”
# 5 Black Knight’s Sword “Lancelot’s Idiom”
# 6 Dead Body “It’s only a Model”
#7 Wooden Rabbit “Fetches La Vache!”
#8 Zoot’s Medallion “Spank Me!”
#9 Joseph of Aramathea “AAAAARRRRGGGHH”
#10 Certain Death Sign “Bridge Keeper”


If you still haven’t figured it out go to Where do the 10 Items go? or follow the links in the table above for information on the specific item.

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