While at the Sign from God click on the go back arrow. At this scene (which is the one with the choice of Collecting the Grail, See the Film, or Register Now), type the word URANUS, you can now move any where you want to on the map. This is a good thing to do at the start of a new game.

While in Plague Village press <F10> and you will get a look a Arthurís expense account.

While at the main menu (the map) type the word LOBSTERGIRL, you will be taken to a game of concentration. Keep clicking start to get new game.

While at the Castle Loimbard type the word NOLEAF, the witch will have lost her leaf at both the Witches Village and in Patsy's back pack.

Go to The Book About the Game. Turn the pages until you get to Grail Vision. Type the word ALLCLIPS, now you can click on any film clip you want to see, at any point of the game.

While at the main menu (the Map) type the word GETONWITHIT.

At both Camelot and the Castle Loimbard keep pressing <F1> for a Swedish surprise.

Who is the cute little girl that you see when you type MAR while at The Book of the Game?

Play the music game in Witch Village:
  • Click on the bird

  • Let it fly over the crowd

  • Keep clicking until it drops something in the crowd, and the musical tones are played. This happens every third flight.

  • Now repeat the musical tones.

  • Click on the crowd in this order:

    • Middle bottom

    • Right bottom

    • Left bottom

    • Center top

  • Enjoy the show.

  • If you don't want to go through all the above steps then type the word DANCEFEVER

Light up the Castle Anthrax:

Click on the brightest star between the left tree and the castle. Keep clicking until the constellation Virgo shows. Starting on the left side of the castle keep clicking on the outline of the castle until there is a long string of lights along the outline and above the door. Click in the center of the lights above the door to light up the sign. Click on the windows to turn on the lights in those rooms.

Read The Book of the Game

Explore it.

Look for this authorís real name in the credits.

Play the games:
  • Spank the Virgin - spank naked Bums to get to the Oral Sex game.

  • Drop Dead - try all the levels.

  • Burn the Witch.

  • Knights in Kombat.

  • Catch the Cow.

When playing Catch the Cow at Castle Loimbard....

Type in the following words to alter the state of the game:

  • BOB - will keep the cows away from the knights for a while.

  • TRENT, JON, or LOREN - will slow down the rate the cows are tossed.

  • CHARLIE - makes the cows much faster and deadlier.

  • HOLYCOW - by pressing your forward or back arrow keys you can go to different levels.

  • JOCKO - takes you to round 53.


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