Where to Find Them


Each maze has its own map. Of course they are hidden so finding the maps can be a bloody pain.



First View of the Map

Map on Viewer


The Loony announcer wll give you this map after you play a couple of rounds of Spot the Loony.

MPFC Map Loonatorium Map

This map is located in the corner of the room just under the t.v.

Bomb Map TV Room Map

Just look around the top of the middle picture frame to find this map.

Coin Slot Map Portrait Gallary Map
CORRIDOR This map can be found under the arch on the right side of the corridor. Pin Ball Map Corridor Map
TEST YOUR SKILL This map is hidden in the maze, on the right  leg of the "H" going up. Click on the yellow planet.


Mole Map


This map is also hidden in the maze, Just push the red button at the end of the middle arm of the "E" in HEAD.


Pythonizer Map

False Map in the Pythonizer Maze

Cute but Useless

False Map

To get out of this map click in the water in the upper right hand corner


Once you have the map you can view it while you are in the maze. To do this place the mouse pointer over the center of the compass, (the thingy in the lower left corner with the four colours around it) the arrow will change to a X. Click the mouse now and a map holder will appear at the top of your screen. Now click on the flashing red button and the map will unscroll. As you will see these maps are hard to read and understand, that is why at the top of the beginning page for each maze I give you an easy to read map.

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