Besides playing the game there are many things to do in each lobe, so why don't we take a scroll through each lobe and see what there is to do.

Stage | Loonatorium | TV Room | Portrait Gallery 
Corridor | Test Your Skill | Pythonizer | Brain


When you start the game you will be in Comedy Stage. People are jumping out of their seats and you will hear the familiar Python sounds: Ee ecky, the theme song, and a vendor selling Albatross. The big foot is there and so is the man with a tape recorder up his nose. You will be taken directly to the Loonatorium, but go back to Center Stage because there is more and you wonít be disappointed. Speaker Head will come out and he has 31 skits in his head. Some of these skits included are: Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion in Burying the Cat, A Police Fairy Story, Piranha Brothers, The Man Who Couldnít Say the Letter C, and a whole mess more.


Why don't you play a couple of games of spot the Loony and see how well you can do. If you want to know about ants then click on the ant. Click on the word "No" in the upper left corner. The Lumberjack and the mounties are in the Loonatorium and so is the Spanish Inquisition. See if you can get the finger to zoom across the stage. Now just run your mouse pointer all over and see what pops up, then click on it. If you are feeling just a tad sadistic click on the Loony announcer and a 16 ton weight will drop on his head. Click around the constableís head, watch his eye fall out, listen to what he has to say. Click a couple of times on the can-can girls butts, you will find out they are full of hot air.


We are now in The Exploding TV Room where you can watch a little telly. So kick off your shoes, sit back, relax, get some Whizzo Praline, and turn on the telly. You can change channels by clicking on the TV button to the right of the television screen. You will be greeted by David Hamilton. There will be an announcement that the BBC is going broke. There are all sorts of interesting programs on the television such as: The Exploding Blue Danube, Blackmail, The game show called Spot the Brain Cell where Mrs. Scum wins a blow on the head, an interview with Ken Shabby, a boxing match with Ken Clean Air System vs. Petula Wilcox, The Undertakers, Mt.Everest, the show Interesting People where you can see a man give a cat influenza, Atilla the Hun Show, The All-England Proust Competition, and Tchaikovsky. Be careful not to get stuck in dťjŗ vu on the show Itís the Mind, but if you do you can either watch it or hit your space bar. There is much to do in this room but please donít blow up everything just yet, if you do youíll be sorry. Why donít you click on the penguin and maybe youíll find out why itís on top of the TV.  You may also find out what relevance penguins have to the furtherance of medical science. Check out the floor, you may find a hole in it and if you do you can hear the maze through it.


How about a stroll through The Portrait Gallery? Look at the pretty pictures hanging on the wall. Why donít you click on them and see what happens. The pictures will change to different skits. There is: The Dirty Vicar, How to Recognize Different Trees From Quite Along Way Away, Nudge Nudge, and the Monty Python Flying Circus theme. There is the Money Programme and Eric will sign his famous song, ďThere is Nothing Quite so Wonderful as MoneyĒ. And now for something completely different, a drive-in at a gallery. Check out whatís playing. There is: The Unsuccessful Encyclopedia Salesman, Crunchy Frog, How Not to be Seen, How to buy a Chicken, and Michael in Conjuring Today. The intermission will feature an x-rated film. When you get tired of the movies just click on the projection room and fire rockets at the screen. The Vikings are in the gallery to sing the Spam song. There are noisy bits all over the place, just click on the mouths. See if you can find the guy who steals the picture on the right. If you do find him and he steals the picture click on the nail where the picture was hanging and see what happens. The maze is behind that wall, and if you can find the hole you might even be able to hear the tracks from the maze moving.


Our next stop is The Corridor, the place where you will find pink elephants, silly walks, the big head, and the pinball game. The killer cat is there so he can get the killer cars. Before you play pinball you have to get rid of the Whizzo banners, which are named after the deliriously delicious Whizzo Confections. You remove the banners by clicking on them in the following order: left purple banner with the yellow letters (Cherry Fondue), yellow banner with the black letters (Crunchy Frog), middle lavender banner with the yellow letters (Ramís Bladder Cup), Right purple banner with blue letters (Anthrax Ripple), and lastly the white banner with blue letters ( Cockroach Cluster). To start the game click the on/off button in the upper left corner of your screen. Now use the down arrow key to get the pig to push the ball. Use your right and left arrow keys to control the flippers. When you have had more fun than you can take, click on the off button. Click around the Corridor and you will once again find many hidden surprises. There are some short skits to watch: Story Time, The Argument Clinic, The Dead Parrot, Getting Hit on the Head Lessons, The Abuse Clinic, Anyone for Tennis, The Cheese Shop, and I Want to Get Married. Keep exploring youíll never know what you may find.


There are some fun games that you may play while you are here. These games are almost as much fun as eating a Crunchy Frog. So why donít you try the Gopher Game? The object of this game is to use the hammer to whack anything that comes out of the holes or flies in the sky. You have to be a good whacker to get the flying thingys. You can control the hammer by clicking on the object you want to whack. Feeling sadistic, need to release held in hostilities? Well donít kick the dog, whack the madwomen with her own hammer. When you had enough of whacking off you can move on to the next game. Why donít you try the Pig Game next? Pigs do fly and they can also kill you with their dung. Using the arrow keys you can shoot at the pig and the dung. If the dung hits the ground it turns into killer pigs, which you can jump over by using the space bar. You have three lives but they go quicker than a greased pig. The third game is The Chicken/Bird Game. The object of this game is to fly the bird man into the jaws of death. You control his flight by using either your mouse or the arrow keys. Try to do a good job because itís a bloody mess if he gets impaled or bitten in half. And try not to fry him on the bug zapper or you will make your computer smell bad.


It is now time to Pythonize, so letís go to the Pythonizer. Are you tired of your drab old computer? Well, the Pythonizer can help all a little life to it. There are screen savers like you have never seen the likes of before. There are wallpapers both living and dead. Change those dull stupid Windows icons to some with a little more style and class. You can even shock your friends with the messages on your answering machine. Jazz up your presentations by using the Pythonizer and you are sure to be the talk of your company. Add noisy bits and you might even find yourself talking to your old PC. Even if you donít want to Pythonize, and trust me you will, you can still have fun just checking out all the applications.


Now, go and explore Mrs. Zambesiís brain. Click on her face and listen to what she has to say. Click all around and hear what there is to hear. Listen to Mr. Gumby calling for the doctor because his brain hurts. Your brain will be hurting too by the time you finish this game, and you too may want a new brain.


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