Now that you answered the 4 questions you have the letters MPFC on the left side of your dashboard. Exit the maze and play one more game of Spot the Loony. When the Loony Announcer tells you to enter the letter "R" press the letter "R" on your keyboard. The Loony Announcer will be trying to tell you something, but the cat has got his tongue (not this cat). What he is trying to tell you is to press the letters you got from the maze. So on your keyboard press the letters MPFC. You have now completed this lobe.


Now is the time to blow up everything on the mantle and on the top of the TV. You will blow up a total of 10 thingys, 9 on the mantle and the dish on the TV .  When you have blown up the 10 thingys the announcer will come on the TV and tell you, "And it's just gone 8 o'clock and time for the penguin on the top of your television set to explode." This is your clue to set the bomb which will come out of the back of the chair. You need to click on the bomb to extend it. When the bomb is extended you may enter the numbers you got from the maze, to do this click on each number until you have the number you want. After you have entered the number, click on the clock. BAM one fried Penguin. You are now finished with that lobe.


Exit the maze and watch The Money Programme. Pick up the coin that landed on the floor and place it in the coin slot. The picture will now change to a slot machine, pull the lever. The object is to put the pictures from the maze in order on the slot machine windows. You do this by clicking on the window when that picture comes up. Easy right? What you have 4 pictures and only three slot windows, this could be a problem!? THINK!! OK I'll tell you. The first 3 pictures go in the first three windows, when this is done correctly the windows will start changing pictures again, set the middle window to the 4th picture.


Let's play a little Pin Ball! The object is to hit the four essential clues in order. To do this do not use the flippers, but use your mouse pointer which has now turned to cross-hairs. Click on the icons in order and do not click on any other icons. After doing this correctly the pin ball machine will disappear. A plane will fly through the window and drop a bomb. Click on the bomb to release the foot.


You now have the 4 essential clues one of which is the madwomen with the hammer, with the words 1st across her. The other clues are numbers. You need to play the games in this order: The Gopher Game (play until you reach the first number), The Pig Game (play until you obtain the 2nd number as your score) and The Bird Game (play this so your score is the same as your last number). Once you have completed these games the 3 sub lobes and the Test Your Skill lobe will be flashing.


Here is a little cheater hint, if you can not finish the Bird Game go to the Pythonizer and start the maze. When you come back to the brain you will see the Bird Game will be flashing as if you completed it. ( I want to thank Paul Gregerson for that hint)


Things are a real drag now. You have four icons as your clues. You are going to play Spot the Loony around the Meat Head Grinder, so click on him to start him up. Loonies will pop up around him. You need to spot them in the same order they appear in the maze. Click on the icon and hold on to it. Now drag the icon to the top of the Meat Head Grinder and drop it in. Do this with all four icons.

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