The Bird
Many people have written me and said they have finished the T.V. Room maze and the bomb will not come out. There are two reasons the bomb will not come out, either you blew up everything before finishing the maze or you did not blow up what you needed to blow up after finishing the maze.



There is a total of 10 thingys that must be blown up, 9 on the mantle and 1 on top of the telly.

Thingy list:

  1. lower right niche--looks like a bell
  2. mid right level--looks like a cat statue
  3. mid right level --looks like a pot and pen
  4. center--clock
  5. center--thingy in front of clock
  6. upper right--fan
  7. upper left--across from fan--round pot-looking thingy
  8. thingy to left of vase
  9. Vase (you have to shoot and kill the bird that flies out first)
  10. dish on the top of the Telly


Did you blew up everything on the mantle and the TV before finishing the maze? If you did, did the stuff reset after finishing the maze? If it did then blow up everything on the mantle and the TV (10 things in all) then click on the Penguin and the announcer should some on the TV and tell you it's just about time for the Penguin to explode. If things didn't reset then you can try these things to reset the thingys:
  • Click on the fireplace screen until birdman flys out, do not shoot him so you get sent to the Penalty Box.
  • Play a game of Spot the Loony
  • Click where the things used to be.
If none of these work to reset the stuff then you can do this:

If you have a PC: You have to go into you 7th level ini file and make some changes. This file is located in your Windows directory, it is called 7thlevel.ini, when you find it double click on it, now you can make changes.

If you have a MAC: You will have to go into your 7th level Python preference file. It resides in System Folder-->Preferences on the Macintosh. Open it into any text reader and one can make changes and so on...

Scroll down until you find a section called [Python.TVRoom], in this section you will see Mant files such as Mant_A_Ex=1. Change all the =1 to =0 (that's the number zero. ) This will put everything back on the mantle and the TV. Now you have to go back in the maze and reanswer the questions and redrag the numbers. Then exit the maze and blow up everything on top of the mantle and TV. After you have blown up everything the announcer will come on the TV and tell you "And it's just gone 8 o'clock and time for the penguin on top of your television set to explode." The bomb will come out of the back of the chair, click on it to extend it, now click on the numbers in the correct order from the maze. BAM!!! You now have one fried Penguin.

A special thanks to John Boyarsky for teaching me how to locate the file on a Machintosh :-)


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