After you have played several rounds of Spot the Loony and you have been to the Penalty Box then you will find the door by the picture frame, by the bar where the ant walks. While in the maze it is safe to follow Eric’s instructions.


DO NOT BLOW UP everything until you finish the maze. Watch the telly to find the door. When you get stuck in déjà vu while in the maze turn around and you will get the questions.


The door is by the trunk of the picture of the Larch. Play the slots after finishing the maze. The first 3 pictures go in the first three windows, the fourth goes in the middle.


Don't listen to Eric, do the opposite of what he tells you. But do listen when he starts to hum and does his imitation of a trombone .

There are four lifts you will take all up:

  1. Top of the I to the middle left of the B.

  2. Bottom right of the B to top left of the A.

  3. Bottom right of the A to the bottom of the L.

  4. On the L the first lift you see after taking the lift from the A. This will take you to the last L.


You will find the door when you play Whack A Mole.

Here are the lifts:

  • Bottom left of the C, take this lift down to the lower right leg of the word A. To find this lift you have to go up the C and back down again.
  • Bottom right of the word A take this lift down to the left leg of the M. This lift is right where the last lift from the C let you off, but you have to go up the A and back down to find it.
There is a red button hanging in space on the top arm of the E. Press it and go for a ride to the questions. There are also red buttons at the end of the other two arms of the E if you press those you will go for a ride right back to where you where when you pressed the button.


The door is in the lower left corner of the screen.

Here are the lifts, all of which you take down:

  • Bottom left of the E in MEAT, take this lift down to the middle left of the H in HEAD. To find this lift you have to go up the E and back down.
  • Top left arm of the T take this lift down to the top arm of the E in HEAD.
  • Bottom right of the D, take this lift down to the middle of the G. To find this lift you must go up the right side of the D, turn around and go back to the right corner.
When you stuck in déjà vu in the loops of the R's turn around when you are traveling right to left, on the bottom of the loop.


Click on the new brain from Curry's in the upper left corner of the screen. The brain will play a series of noises will light up different lobes of the brain, you need to click on the lobes in the same order. When playing Simon on the brain you need to get the first 3 levels correct. The 4th level just get the first lobe right then click all over the brain. Keep clicking until you have won.



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