General Hints for CWOT

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  1. The reset button for each maze is under the yellow flap.
  2. The colour thingy next to the reset button can give you direction in the maze.
    The colour on the top is the direction you are traveling.
    Blue=up, Yellow=down, Green=left to right, Red=right to left.
  3. The door is used to exit the maze.
  4. If you exit the maze and then enter the maze again you will be back to the point in the maze where you were when you left.
  5. When you get to the questions in the maze you can answer the question and then change to the next question you need by pressing Shift plus the number of the question. Shift1, Shift 2, Shift 3, and Shift 4.
  6. If you are stuck on a question go play a game of Spot the Loony and the Loony announcer will give you a hint as to where to find the answer.
  7. After every maze you must do something with the essental clues in that lobe of the brain.
  8. Eric will give you directions while you are in the mazes. His directions can be good or they can be misleading. The same is true of the signs in the mazes and the hints that clicking on the yellow planets will give you. Your best bet is to follow your map.
  9. When you have finished a lobe, that lobe will be flashing on the brain.
  10. When you finish a lobe go play Spot the Loony. The announcer will give you a hint as to what lobe to go to next.
  11. The mazes must be played in a certain order. You can not go on to the next maze until you have completed the maze you are in. There are 6 mazes and they must be played in this order: Loonatorium, TV Room, Portrait Gallery, Corridor, Test Your Skills (Gopher Game), and the Pythonizer.
  12. See the maps.
  13. Get little nudges for each maze.
  14. Get answers to the Trivia Questions.
  15. If you need more help E-mail me.
  16. I have written a 31 page hint book for the game.
  17. Download the hint book in PDF format

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