This is a very old game (1990) with was made to run in DOS.  It also ran on Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, and Atari ST


This game is a game of skill and fun. As games of skill and fun go, this is one of the skillest and funniest games you could ever wish to meet.

Before you can play the game you have to play the cheese game.  You have to identify  two cheeses, before you can play.  It would be handy to have the Cheese Identity Chart.

The object is to  control Mr.  DP Gumby, and understandably, you have to get back his four pieces of brain. This is not easy. If it was, this game would not be a game of skill and fun, now would it?

There are four skill and fun levels to this game. A piece of brain is being held o each skill and fun level. The levels are a quite different in a skill and fun sort of way but all of them have things in common Good things like sausages, eggs, beans spam (skill) and cheese (fun) and bad things like dead parrots.

Because each level is quite different in a skill and fun sort of way, Mr. Gumby cannot always walk. So, his body is changed to suit the surroundings. Like on the first level, where he is changed into a fish to swim in the maze like underwater caverns.

When the level runs out and there is no more, Mr Gumby is changed back to normal (well, normal for him) and he is sick. All the good things picked up along the way go in a big hole and are counted for points. Best of all though, if you got 16 lots of spam MrGumby can have a piece of brain back. Then you have to do it all again.

Use your arrow keys to:

Use your Spacebar to FIRE = THROW A FISH

Here's a fun game to pass the time. Before Gumby is sick he can get lots more by points by arguing with a Minister For Pointless Arguments. The longer you keep the argument going, the more points you get

Simply contradict everything (nothing) the Minister says by moving the joystick in the opposite direction. BEWARE! Agree with the Minister or hesitate too long and he calls time. That means no more points.

 When this bar is empty, a life is lost. This bar goes down when Gumby hits bad things and goes up when he gets good things.

 Gumby has only three so be careful. An extra life is awarded for every 10,000,000 points lost.

Shows the amount of spam collected.

Starts at 99,999,999 points and counts down. The lower the score the better.

Throw fish at very silly places and you may get special bonus points. BE QUICK! Bonus points are awarded for being quick to complete a level.

Shoot them with fish. Bonus points are given for every cheese exploded. Explode all the cheese on each level for extra bonus points.

There are many found on each level. Shoot them for points or avoid them. Some do not like to be avoided and some are bigger and badder than others. Some need to be hit with more fish than others before they blow up. All of them are bad because they hurt Gumby and drain his Vitality.

Go up and down and in and out of all the holes you find. You may be really lucky and find a secret hidden screen, where Mr. Gumby's head is stuck on a bouncy boot. Bounce on the food and blocks of cheese, avoiding the chasm below for as long as possible.

Silliest scorers get to see their names in lights. Move the arrow left and right to make the finger go in the same direction. Press the  spacebar to poke the letters and things.

Download the game

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