This is the answer to all the questions you have about BettyCat.  I am 241 years old, in cat years that is. I have three kittens: 2 sons, a step daughter,  and  11 grandkittens: 5 males and 6 females. I have o2 great-grandsons. I also have 3 step-grand daughters

My real name is Betty Pietro and you may be wondering how I got the name BettyCat. I have a tattoo of a little black cat on my shoulder and my grandson named it BettyCat. When I signed on to AOL I needed a screen name and that was the first name that came to mind.

I live in Mentor, Ohio 25 miles east of Cleveland. Besides being a wife, mother, and grandmother, I am a registered nurse, who after 25 years of nursing did a career change. Instead of nursing people, I nursed computers. I was a PC Specialist, for 7 years working for a large law firm doing hardware and software support. This law firm, Arter & Hadden, went bankrupt leaving me and many others without a job. The job market for IT support in the Cleveland area is poor. After a year and a half of trying to find an IT job I made the decision to return to nursing. After 30 years of being a nurse I retired in June 2009.  I am one the board of directors of the Northeastern Ohio Association of Vascular Access ( NEO-AVA).

 I have written hint books for three Monty Python games: Complete Waste of Time , The Quest for the Holy Grail and The Meaning of Life. 

 I am a member of The Wise Women of the Web.

I created and maintain web sites for the following

  • Team Golf Gear which features personalized Golf Gear for Golf teams.
  • NEO-AVA which is the website for Northeastern Ohio Association for Vascular Access

When I am not busy with the computer  you might find me curled up in a chair reading a Stephen King novel while listening to Pink Floyd, or I might be watching the telly with a Monty Python tape in the VCR or DVD player. I also love to play a game called The Curse of RA.  For more information on this game or if you are already addicted see my page with all the level codes and cheats.  The Curse of RA.


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